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Australian Marketing Institute Certified Practising Marketer

AMI Awards for Insight Driven Marketing 2020


AMI Awards Judge for Content Marketing 2021


Affiliate Professional Member


“Mia has conducted an excellent report and clearly conducted a thorough analysis of the Ella Baché’s production line. She identified specific issues, described them well, and the root causes were well analysed. She comprehensibly recognised excellent recommendations to overcome the issues that were identified, and provided an excellent implementation plan.”

Jon Heales on behalf of Ella Baché

Mia’s strategic insight and zeal in understanding our brand resulted in a concise, well-articulated marketing strategy that realigned our promotions, loyalty programmes, digital and social media presence with direction of where, why and who our target market should be. Mia exemplifies a unique combination of talent, passion, innovative commercial flair, topped with a charismatic professionalism who is result–orientated.  I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Brett Clarke, Springwood Sports Club

“Great experience working with Mia, she is a great team member.  I would be happy to work with her again in the future.  Mia is a great communicator and brings tons of marketing expertise to the project.  She was exceptional and contributed significantly to the project.”

Team Member, Chanel

“Mia and her team have provided a very engaging presentation showing in-depth research and we have already built the recommendations into our future work plans, and in particular some of the ‘low-hanging fruit’/’quick wins’ either have been or are being implemented. Given the limited time you had and without much context, the data visualisation was a great job.  Thank you for your efforts – it has been a privilege to work with such an engaged and focussed group.”

Vanessa Bole, CPL

“Mia contributed significantly well to group discussions and display a high work ethic. She is an active and reliable contributor and is committed to delivering a high-quality result. Her positivity and enthusiasm help to bring the best out of the team.”

Team Member, Dior

“I was so impressed with the amount of work Mia and her team did in such a short time and everything covered does reflect our actual strategy or where our original strategy started but changed based on continued user research.”

Wendy Oxenham, Divvito

“I loved the strategies Mia’s students developed for us in managing our customers perceptions about our brand.  The data she advised them to collect really represented their recommendations and helped us understand the importance of our new direction and which marketing activities to implement for an improved cash flow.”

Jessy Cameron, Molten Store

“Mia’s contributions to the group were valued throughout the project.  Her valuable knowledge and insights have really gained importance in the team and the client’s objectives in the project. Mia provided the client with actionable information that will be used to drive growth.”

Team Member, Teltech

“Mia’s contribution to group work and commitment to achieving outcomes for the client has been fantastic. She has brought to the project marketing expertise which has been valued immeasurably.”

Team Member, Galaxy Resources

“Mia, is an expert marketing professional, who added a lot of value to the project by bringing her business tool kit and experience from the real world to the consulting project.  She is an exceptional communicator and articulates well”

Team Member, Avcair

“Mia’s experience within the team really helped us to view the client’s challenge in a different light. I enjoyed working with Mia because she brought a different perspective to the project, and our end product was stronger for the ideas she brought.”

Team Member, Avcair

“Mia works very hard to achieve the required solution and is very passionate about the project. Her presentation was excellent and she worked very hard to provide Avcair the most information on the project. Mia is fantastic with her ideas and brings in insights for the team discussion from a marketing perspective.”

Team Member, Avcair